A Directory of Gold and Silver Coins Both Ancient and Modern

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the homepage of Sigmund Von Golderberg. I've been an avid collector of gold and silver coins ever since I was an undergraduate at the Universitšt Bern in Switzerland. Since my youth my love of coins has grown exponentially.

I particularly enjoy collecting silver and gold coins from the ancient to the modern. I love getting out and about with my metal detector, and now and again I stumble across an interesting find, but those are few and far between.
Below you'll find a current list of my favorite coin, numismatic and precious metals Websites. This compilation is by no means comprehensive, indeed I hope to update and add to it as time allows, so expect the list below to expand considerably.

If you discover any broken links, or have any interesting submissions you believe may be of interest to me you can email me at ~ "Golderberg AT IronCityCoins DotCom". By the way please forgive me for my poor grasp of the English language, it is not my mother tongue :)

Regarding the design of this site, a close friend from England will soon be helping me with moving the site over to a blog format such as wordpress. Then I will be having a custom theme created. At the moment I'm afraid you will have to persevere with my very simple design, I hope to improve this soon.

  • allocatedgold.co.uk

  • ~ Small portal about storing allocated gold in the United Kingdom.

  • buysilveruk.co.uk

  • ~ Articles and opinions about investing in British silver.

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